Raymond Gloeckler

Old Person of Brigg (1988)

Self Portrait


Raymond Gloeckler.  Wow.  All of these are woodblock prints.  As a printmaker (and a huge fan of relief printing), this kind of work amazes me.  I would hope that it would amaze anyone that even only had the slightest idea of relief printing.  This kind of detail is so complex and skillful.  I aspire to be as skillful as Raymond Gloeckler, regardless of how much time it takes.  Aside from the skill that Gloeckler possesses and reveals in his artwork, the expression that comes through his shapes and compositions are so great.  It’s hard to talk about work that I like this much sometimes.  I like how clean the prints are, how clearly we can see the lines and the line weight and technique.  Gloeckler puts himself in his work a lot, which I kind of try to do sometimes as well, even if not self-portraits.  We both work with the figure and printmaking, and so I look to his work a lot when thinking about how to create dimension and surface shape with specific imagery.


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